AXXE Motels

Spend the night in a comfortable hotel on the motorway


You have to admit that there is nothing more practical than getting to your destination quickly and without complications when you are having a stressful day at work. For all people travelling, whether they are on a business trip or going on holiday, it helps them to relax, if their trip is short and they can avoid congestion. For precisely this reason we have equipped a large number of our AXXE motorway service stations with comfortable overnight accommodation directly next to the motorway.

Lie back and relax!


AXXE motels provide carefully and comfortably furnished rooms and round-the-clock service to ensure your overnight stay is relaxing. The convenient yet quiet location means that you are spared the long search for a hotel in the evening and guarantees that you have a comfortable start to the day on the next morning. Our breakfast menu ensures that you have the energy you need to start the day, before you rejoin the motorway without wasting any time and avoiding stress. All rooms are equipped with shower and WC, telephone, TV and internet connection.

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