Our story


Did you know that ...


... AXXE’s origins were very similar to the department store and catering concepts of Kaufhof? It was only when it was taken over by Metro that AXXE started to gradually detach itself from this. The first sites to be taken over were those at Linumer Bruch, Kasern (Austria) and Wonnegau West.


The extension and development of AXXE as an independent brand began in 1997, following the takeover of the service station at Hörselgau and the construction of Osterfeld West and East sites in 1998. For the first time visitors to the service stations found serviettes, flags (white with a red AXXE logo and the longstanding slogan “Eat Something Good”), as well as the free flow layout which characterises the look and feel of AXXE’s marketing concept. At the same time AXXE Reisegastronomie (travel catering) developed to the become the third business segment of DINEA Gastronomie GmbH, which was spun off from Kaufhof and became an independent entity.



Setting the trend for service stations


With the costly reconstruction of the service stations at Lichtendorf and Wülferode on the AXXE model, the foundation was laid for a rapid expansion on the motorway network. The unparalleled new store concept of the AXXE service stations with their wide selection of food and drinks and relaxed self-service approach was having an impact - AXXE service stations were acquiring trendsetter status with their concept which was unique at that time.


Increasing level of recognition in the 2000s


In collaboration with the motorway services company, Autobahn Tank & Rast (T&R), a total of 32 service stations, 7 hotels and several petrol stations were converted to and operated under the AXXE concept in the years until 2006. The distinctive brand identity was accompanied by a high presence and an increasing level of recognition. At this time it was already possible to find AXXE restaurants all over Germany.


Back to the Roots

In 2009 AXXE Reisegastronomie was sold to T&R and the facilities gained a number of tenants. Who received the largest share? The French company Areas Northern Europe. This meant that AXXE returned to its roots in 2009. The new tenants continued to develop the AXXE service stations and restaurants and their high presence was further extended. Starting with just a few sites, at its peak AXXE operated 31 sites on Germany’s motorways, all with a range of brands and concepts, whereby AXXE is clearly an own brand. In 2016 there are 21 AXXE locations, 7 of which are AXXE mini restaurants.

Here you can get an overview of where AXXE facilities are located, to help you to plan your next break on the motorway!